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Cumbrae Oysters Ltd is a family run company, established in 1995, and based on the West Coast of Scotland.

We own and operate our own oyster farm, fishing vessel and fully approved shellfish depuration and dispatch facility.

In addition to producing our own oysters, we have arrangements with other producers to help ensure a continuous all year round supply of quality oysters and other shellfish.

Our depuration (purification) facility operates under a comprehensive HACCP, and complies with all the necessary UK and EU Shellfish Regulations and is approved by the local Environmental Health Authority (North Ayrshire Council).

We place a high importance on the quality and wholesomeness of our products, and have rigorous testing procedures in place in respect of micro biological; bio-toxins and viral concerns.



As a natural product oysters are greatly influenced by the seasons and environmental conditions. To ensure that we only offer wholesome quality oysters, we at Cumbrae Oysters Ltd now offer oysters from different sites to ensure a continuous supply of safe and quality oysters all year round.

All our oysters are brought to our facility in Scotland where they are held in natural seawater and conditioned prior to sale. All batches are tested at an accredited laboratory, and undergo an ultraviolet depuration (purification) process. Only once the oysters have been through our purification process and tested will they be packed and dispatched.

Cumbrae Rock

This oyster is reared from hatchery seed, produced exclusively in approved UK hatcheries.

Due to its northern location the oyster is slow growing producing a full and consistent oyster all year round.

The site area is limited, and is used to produce both part and full grown oysters.

Due to the demand and the limited supply of ‘table’ size oysters from this site, the company is currently pursuing expansion plans to increase its growing capacity from this site.

Cumbrae Classic

This oyster has been offered for many years and is matured at our partner site in south of the UK.

This site allows us to co-operate between our northern site which can bring the seed oysters on from just a few millimetres in size to ‘mid’ size where it can then grow on before returning back north for conditioning.

Cumbrae Select

These oysters are selected from different sites around the British Isles to represent the best that is available depending on season and growing conditions.

They have all been selected for their quality and are an excellent choice to dovetail with our other oysters when season and conditions dictate.

Grade Ranges

Bistro / Buffet
50 to 65 g
Bistro / Buffet Premier
65 to 75 g
75 to 90 g
90 to 120 g
120 to 160 g
160 to 200 g
200 to 300 g
300 to 400 g
400 to 500 g
500+ g

Oyster Product Specification

Product(s) Name
Cumbrae Rock, Classic & Select
Scientific / Species name
Pacific Oyster – Crassostrea Gigas
Country of Origin
United Kingdom
Size / Grade available
Grades from 50 g up to 500+ g per piece
Shelf life
Typically 7 to 9 days
Storage temperatures
All year round (Cold Northern waters)


Cumbrae Oysters Ltd have been supplying oysters and shellfish to many of the finest hotels and restaurants, not only within the UK, but in markets in the Far East including Hong Kong and other worldwide destinations.

We are a member of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB), with the distinction of having our Rock Oysters feature in their Oyster Tasting Guide with you can download here.

Many enjoy oysters raw, as nature intended; however there are many great recipes for cooking oysters, some of which have been beautifully described and illustrated in the SAGB's recipe guide.

In addition to being a delicious treat, oysters are also very nutritious, which is illustrated in the guide prepared by the SAGB

Packaging Options

Packaging options can be arranged to suit customer requirements.

Large box option; Oysters are packed in net bags, and is our most popular and cost effective choice for volume wholesale orders.

Small box option is individually packed in smaller box quantities, suitable for individualised, high quality presentation, distributions.

A variety of box types and quantity numbers available.

GradeBistro / Buffet
Small Punnet28
Medium Punnet50
Small Box100
Large Box300
GradeBistro / Buffet Premier
Small Punnet24
Medium Punnet40
Small Box80
Large Box240
Small Punnet20
Medium Punnet24
Small Box80
Large Box240
Small Punnet18
Medium Punnet24
Small Box56
Large Box168
Small Punnet12
Medium Punnet18
Small Box48
Large Box144

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